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Check out the gameplay video here:  http://youtu.be/US0aLxltvjc

What is it like to be a bat?  Find out by playing this game!  Use sound to navigate your environment and find food.  To win, find enough bugs in each level before starving.  Don't run into trees!  They are sharp and they hurt.

This game was created in 7 days for the 7 Day FPS Challenge.  It is inspired loosely by an essay of the same name by philosopher Thomas Nagel.


Mouse -- control camera

Space -- flap upwards

WASD + Space -- flap in a direction.

LMB -- Large wavelength echolocation

RMB -- Small wavelength echolocation

Created by Jeremy Griffith, November 2014.

Find me on twitter:  @Jarm__

AuthorJeremy Griffith